Visit Report - David Reeves

Here's a report from David on their visit to St John's

As part of our summer African adventure we took time out to visit the Shonda school project on a very hot day in July. Although we had informed Joseph the day we would be visiting, our arrival at 7.30 in the morning appeared to take everyone especially Head and Deputy Head by surprise. We did however receive a very warm welcome, teachers and governors were quickly informed and the children were rallied to give us a welcoming concert. Having heard so much about the school over the years it really was good to be seeing it for ourselves. Apart from the obvious poverty (which I think was worse than I had anticipated) the most striking thing was the happiness of the school children. I made a point of asking as many of the children as possible about their teachers; what they thought of them, how they were treated by them, were there any teachers they didn’t like etc. The replies were all very encouraging it appeared all the teachers were good and well liked and the children seemed to be treated well. What a good project, kids are being educated and almost certainly have a better future because of St John’s. Love it, keep up the good work and let’s do more!