Together ...

From humble beginnings the school has grown and so much has been achieved.
There is now provision for over 350 pupils with 19 teachers on the staff.
A regular feeding program has been established so pupils receive a meal each day at school.
A well has been constructed on site to provide clean fresh water to the school and surrounding village.

Carrying water from the well

A workshop has been built to provide skills and training for those children who may not qualify or be able to afford to go on to secondary school.

Construction of a new classroom to support the expanding school pupil numbers.

Within the classrooms themselves we have invested in improved desks and chairs as well as cupboards for books and teaching materials.

Purchase of text books locally as most parents had insufficient funds to supply.

We continue to support the annual Music Festival which has, in previous years, resulted in children travelling to Nairobi and beyond to perform.

Funding of continuing professional development for the teachers resulting in all teachers meeting or exceeding the national teacher qualifications.

There is much more to be done.

The new workshop when it was being built