In the beginning

The Shonda Project provides education and hope for children in Shonda

In 1993 Mick and Angela Prentice went to Kenya on holiday. While they were there they saw many young children sleeping and living rough by the Likoni ferry terminal on the south coast of Mombasa. On making enquiries, they found that many of these children had been orphaned following the Likoni ferry disaster where reportedly 200 people had died.

The Likoni Ferry where Angela and Mick saw children begging

As dedicated foster parents for over 35 years, they wanted to help these needy and vulnerable children so they were put in touch with a local Baptist Minister who was trying to provide a school for the children. As a result of that first meeting they came back to the UK and started to raise funds. A year later they returned to Africa not really knowing whether the money they'd sent had been squandered in bribes and corruption but knowing that whatever the outcome they'd had to take that risk for the sake of those children.

Constructing the early classrooms

Their efforts were rewarded however when, as they walked through the village, they heard the sound of singing. As they arrived at the site of the school, fifty children were dancing and singing a song of welcome and celebration to Angela and Mick! The school building had begun! Angela and Mick return every year to see the progress that has been made.