The Shonda Computer Lab.

The Computer Lab in use!

Thanks to money raised from St Luke's Church in Reigate it was possible to convert a building for use as the Computer Lab. Further funding from Pinewood School enabled some computers to be purchased locally to enable computer training to start. Here is an extract of an email recently received from Joseph, the School Administrator at Shonda ...

"It was a good idea to have computer classes within the school which has brought short time changes. Almost all teaching staff and few interested subordinate staff have some good ideas about computer. Most of them are in a position to operate the computers and even do some constructive work with them. I think we will have sufficient communication and better handling of the few machines we have here after their training.

Whilst all the initial funding for conversion of the building, the purchase of computers and the payment of a salary for the computer teacher was provided by The Shonda Project, the school has received an income from the training it has delivered, which as Joseph goes on to explain, will be used to support the day to day running costs.

Since the beginning we have managed to collect some cash about shs. 18,000 (about £140), from pupils and teachers. We agreed to make a deposit in trust account and anything needed requisition to be made in advance to facilitate normal operation of the lab. Some board officials (the equivalent of school governors) are also under computer training and they too are beneficiary of the program.
Have here attached some pictures to show how the classes are being conducted both for the staff and pupils.
All the best

Learning about the mouse!

Connecting the wires ...

The teachers were amongst the first to get trained ...

Teaching is provided by a dedicated Computer teacher.

The converted classroom provides a good, spacious learning environment.

'The Rules' ensure the computers are not abused and continue to operate.

Creating the Computer Lab at the end of 2012