Notice Board

Exam results 2011 ...

1. The local KCPE exam results were released at end of December and the school has improved markedly compared to last year. The mean score is up from 221 to 273.5 The leading pupil had 334 marks out of 500. 15 out of 21 candidates scored above 250 marks and only one had below 200, being 194 marks. There was a total of 21 candidates.

- the best pupil in the zone (Mohamed Bakari) had 391 marks- and he was from Vyemani Primary school (a public school). Interestingly this pupil left St Johns early 2009 to register in public school when there was uncertainty about exam registration.

- the just-promoted class 8 has 24 pupils and the teachers are aiming at a mean score of 310marks and a top mark of 400. None of the bright pupils has quit the school - they all reported on Monday for the new term.

2. Many issues regarding improvement of academic standards were discussed (stricter admission, more remedial work given there is electricity, enhanced discipline etc)

3. Parents meeting scheduled for 8 January to be briefed of teachers resolutions and need to cooperate and support teachers efforts.

4.2011 budget to be developed by 15 January with full participation of teachers

5. (Changes are necessary following the resignation of the previous headmistress Rhoda.) Leadership: Mr. Peter Mudamu, Steve Ongubo, Joyce Ndege, Alex Mayabi to serve as head, deputy, senior teacher, sponsorship/welfare coordinator respectively on interim basis as job description and role definition is done by board in consultation with Shonda UK

The Caretaker Board

6. Caretaker Board (the schools governing body) to assess school fees income in term 1 and propose payrise for teachers from term 2. Breakdown of Shonda UK contribution to salary payrise to be provided by 15 Jan 2011. Teachers grateful for the payrise.

- other suggestions: a revolving fund for feeding programme, teacher training, better use of electricity (audio visual teaching aids, computers etc), fencing, teachers toilet completion, more furniture/desks, admission policy, tuition policy, involvement of parents' reps in fees collection, sponsorship, bonus policy for good performance by team as proposed in 2006 by Simon, better role definition for CB members, exchange programmes with better performing schools, twinning with UK schools for exposure of children. Most of these proposals to be captured in the annual budget being created

- joint termly meetings between CB and teachers to review budget implementation, academic performance and reporting to Shonda UK, improved communication with Shonda UK using laptop at school to be led by headteacher and Joseph

Parents meeting February 2009

A member of the Caretaker Board addresses the parents

Parents, by their numbers show their commitment to the school by attending the Parents Meeting ... on a Saturday!

The meeting was held in the oldest classroom - the original church building, which is soon to be demolished

The Caretaker Board and Class Reps

Members of the Caretaker Board read correspondence from Shonda UK

Electricity is on it's way!

After many years of trying electricity is finally on it's way to Shonda. This will be good news for the school that will open up additional opportunities for learning. It is also having an effect upon the local area attracting many new buildings and development

New development in Shonda

The march of progress!

Electricity arriving near the school

Repair of Shelter

The Shelter was built from the money raised at Carolyn and Rob Gittins wedding in 2005. It provides a welcome relief from the high tempertures and is well used.
Unfortunately the roof had started to leak and the concrete floor break up.

The old shelter roof was a sad sight

Money was given to renovate the shelter. The work was carried out between March and May 2007, these are the results ....

The renovated shelter

The shelter now has a blackboard to assist in the teaching

The shelter roof is made from local materials

The floor is made from concrete and then sealed