Sarah-Louise raises over £1000 in Triathlon

Sarah-Louise Schofield, a parent with two of her three children at St John's School in Redhill, was so touched by the needs of the people of Shonda she decided to raise money for them through sponsorship of a triathlon, 400m swim, 25km bike ride and 4 km run, all completed in 1 hour 19 mins.

Sarah-Louise at the triathlon in Crawley on 25th September

And the good bit? Sarah-Louise raised £943.75 - with Gift Aid this should take the amount raised to over £1000, or over £12 a minute! A great effort and a BIG THANK YOU!

The existing feeding programme only provides a simple meal for the youngest children

So what does this mean for the people of Shonda? We have run a feeding programme for the younger children but (too) many of the children come to school without having had anything to eat so we are now able to expand the feeding programme to include many more children. How's that for making a difference?!!

Cooking utensils bought!

As 2011 came to an end Joseph researched and then bought cooking utensils ready to start the enhanced feeding programme in January.