The school has officially closed today Friday 12th April 2013. The very good performers in the different classes have been awarded with exercise books, biro pens and rubbers.
The occasion has been colourful.
We have Holiday tuition for two weeks i.e. 15-4-2013 to 26-4-2013.


-More than three quarters of the pupils have joined the lunch program.
-Attractive uniform for kitchen workers were made through Joseph.
-Excellent co-operation from the board.
-Good cooperation from the parents.
-An order of 12 single desks for class eight was made to improve seating arrangement.
-Idea of uniform for pupils whose samples have been taken.


Story books for at least class seven and eight are needed for the following reasons

- To improve reading skills
- To widen pupils imagination and creativity
- To improve pupils composition writing
- To help pupils use their leisure time wisely
- To build vocabulary

I have made a survey on the story books that suit our pupils from our local book shop and below is the estimated cost:-

STD 8: Number of pupils 22
: Series 14
Cost per book shs. 220
Books to be bough per series 4
Total number of books to be bought 56.
Total cost 220 * 56
= Shs. 12,320

STD 7: Number of pupils 23
: Series 11
Cost per book shs. 195
Books to be bough per series 4
Total number of books to be bought 44
Total cost 195 * 44
= Shs. 8,580

Total cost of the books

Class 8 Shs. 12,320
Class 7 Shs. 8,580
Total Shs. 20,900

Four (4) wall maps @ shs. 2,430 * 4 = shs. 9,720

Total amount = shs. 20,900 + shs. 9,720 = shs. 30,620


We are striving to better the academic standards always.

With warm regards

John Mwero

Head teacher